Ruth 4:1-12

Sermon Outline:

  1. The love of the redeemer expressed in court
  2. The cost of redemption fully paid

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Why was the love of Boaz not enough to redeem Ruth and Elimelech?
  2. Why did the other redeemer decide not to redeem the land?
  3. Why would we say that Boaz stood in Elimelech or Mahlon's place?
  4. How is the love of Christ for the church connected to the legal demands of God's law?
  5. Why would God not be able to ignore His law and punishments for sin?
  6. Why can you be certain, if you have repented of sin and trusted in Christ, that the law now and forever testifies in your favour?
  7. The other redeemer was worried about gaurding his "name" but Boaz was not. What was the ironic ultimate result of this?
  8. How does this help us to understand the humility and glory of Jesus and His worthiness to be praised?