Ruth 3

Sermon Outline:

  1. Seeking the favour of the Redeemer God provides
  2. The Redeemer delights to redeem
  3. The Redeemer will not rest until He gives rest to His bride

Family Discussion Questions:

(For families or for church family groups)

  1. What did Naomi think was needed for Boaz to give Ruth a favourable response?
  2. Did Boaz resent it or rejoice that he was being asked to redeem Ruth?
  3. Why did Boaz not marry Ruth immediately?
  4. If Boaz is the example of the ideal kinsman redeemer in God's eyes, what would we learn about Christ, the Church's kinsman redeemer?
  5. What impact does it have on your heart to know that Christ doesn't merely agree to redeem you but delights to do so? What verses tell us this is true?
  6. In what ways is the return of Christ long? in what ways should we consider it short/soon?
  7. Why has Christ not returned yet?
  8. What are events which make you cry out, "how long?"
  9. What promises does the Lord make about the waiting time that are particularly precious to you?