Ruth 2

Sermon Outline

  1. The Lord's kindness toward those who have forfeited the world
  2. The bountiful provision for the family of God
  3. The provision of a perfectly suited redeemer

Family Discussion Questions:

(For use with your own family as well as with the church family)

  1. Did Ruth pay for Boaz's kindness by giving up her life in Moab?
  2. What does seeking refuge under the wings of the Lord mean?
  3. Does God promise to restore all that we've lost because of the Gospel? How?
  4. What have you given up because of the Gospel? Has the Lord begun to restore that?
  5. How can your life better be used to care for those who have lost part of their life because of the Gospel?
  6. What were the different ways a kinsman redeemer was to act on behalf of a family in the Old Testament?
  7. How is Jesus perfectly suited to be the kinsman redeemer for the whole family of God?