Ruth 1:1; Judges 2

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Inheritance of the Lord was Incomplete
  2. Israel was Adulterous
  3. The Lord Repeatedly and Graciously Brought Her Rest
  4. We Need a King From the Lord

Family Disussion Questions:

  1. Why was Israel not enjoying her full inheritance of the land?
  2. Israel rarely officially rejected the Lord. Why was that not enough?
  3. What was the result of Israel being without a king?
  4. What were some of the blessings God gave through the Judges?
  5. What made the Judges and their "rest" incomplete?
  6. How does the rest given by the redemption of Christ satisfy what is lacking in the work of the judges?
  7. Why are the Lord's eyes better than ours for determining what is right?
  8. How does the book of Judges encourage you about the Lord's covenant faithfulness toward you, a sinner?
  9. What does this book teach people who are counting on redemption which does not include repentance?
  10. Where in your life is the Lord calling you to repentance as part of His own covenant faithfulness?