Matthew 7:21-29

Sermon Outline

1. Many people who think they are following Jesus will be rejected by Him at the judgement. 

2. It is not enough to hear Jesus’ teaching, we must do what He says.

3. Believe in Jesus, the King of the Kingdom of heaven.


Discussion Questions:

What positive works were claimed by the hyocrites Jesus calls workers of lawlessness? What crucial thing did they lack?

Why does Jesus’ warning protect the gospel of grace rather than promote salvation by works?

What are the two possible responses we can have to the Sermon on the Mount?

What are some of the ways we can hear God’s Word and not do it?

How can you answer someone who says the Sermon on the Mount is a good summary of Jesus’ teaching without any gospel or supernatural content?

What was the crowd’s reaction to Jesus? How was it different than their reaction to the scribes and Pharisees? What was this due to?

Have you been content to be a part of a church and hear what is taught without letting it impact your life or actions?

Have you been content to claim Christ as Lord without obeying Him as your Lord? Is anything other than Jesus secured as the Lord or master of your life?

What are some of the ways the sermon on the mount has exhorted or convicted you? What would it look like for you to put it into practise?