Luke 24, 1 Corinthians 15

Sermon Outline

The victories of heroes in Scripture point towards the great victory God worked through Jesus Christ.

Jesus achieved the greatest victory when he rose from the dead. 

Jesus' victory over sin and death counts for us when we believe in the gospel of His death and resurrection. 

Discussion Questions

Why is it better for us to not see ourselves primarily as the hero in God’s Old Testament stories?

How does our view of the gospel improve when we see the heroes in Scripture all painting us a picture of Jesus rather than giving us examples to follow?

What are the real enemies which people in this world see as unbeatable?

Why did Jesus’ followers not understand that Jesus had risen from the dead, even when He had already taught them that this was going to happen?

Why is our faith vain if Jesus has not risen from the dead?

Why does Jesus’ resurrection count for us?

How does Paul charge the Corinthians to live in light of the resurrection of Jesus?

Why do we call the message our salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection “the gospel?”

How can remembering Jesus’ resurrection affect the way we live in the midst of an uncertain and frightened world?