Matthew 6:25-34

Sermon Outline:

  • The root of our anxiety is putting our hope and comfort in the treasures of this world.
  • The answer to our anxiety is to know the person and the character of our Father in heaven.
  • Jesus’ command in our anxiety is to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness and then trust Him with our needs

Discussion Questions:

  1. We typically think people’s idols are revealed by what they delight in. How else can we tell what a person idolizes or treasures? 

  2. What things about God do we forget or stop trusting in when we are overwhelmed by anxiety?

  3. Why is our anxiety a sign that we are trusting in ourselves and might need to humble ourselves before God?

  4. What does it mean to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness?

  5. Why are those who seek God’s kingdom able to take their minds off of tomorrow and keep their focus on today?

  6. Does trusting God to care for our needs mean we give up working and leave the work to Him?

  7. Have you treated your worry or anxiety like it is a necessity, or even a sign that you care about things?

  8. What things in this world give you anxiety, that you need to leave with your Father in heaven, trusting that he will better take care of those things than you will?

  9. Has the current COVID-19 crisis increased your anxiety? In what ways? What truths from our passage or the rest of God’s word would it be good for you to remember or memorize to help you trust in God through this uncertain time? 

  10. Are there other people in your church family who would benefit from you connecting with them to remind them, and be reminded by them, of who God is, and who He is to us through the gospel of Jesus?