Matthew 5:38 - 48

Sermon Notes

Sermon Outline:

  • Show mercy when you are sinned against
  • Love your enemies
  • Jesus laid down His rights to love us while we were enemies of God

Family Discussion Questions

  1. What was the goal of the formula in the law: an eye for an eye?  How had this formula been abused?
  2. What is the purpose of Jesus’ four examples?  What do they altogether point to?   
  3. How are we naturally prone to limit God’s command to love our neighbour?   
  4. When are you most prone to feel like people are infringing on your rights?   
  5. How did Jesus exemplify this teaching on love for us?  How do we see the apostles following this example in Acts?   
  6. How can your love of the gospel affect the way you are going to react in those particular situations?   
  7. When have you most been in danger of hating someone as an enemy?  How could you wisely change your treatment of or feelings about that person based on what Jesus says?