Matthew 5:27-32

Sermon Outline:

  • Jesus' people recognize lust as adultery
  • Jesus' people honour marriage
  • Jesus is faithful to his bride


Family Discussion Questions:

Younger and Older:

  1. What does Jesus mean when He tells us to cut out the eye or hand that leads us to sin?
  2. How are we meant to treat members of the opposite gender in the church?
  3. What is the primary reason that God created men and women and created marriage for them?
  4. How did Jesus honour God’s commands regarding marriage?

Deeper Discussion:

  1. In what ways had the Pharisees watered down God's law concerning adultery?
  2. How had the Pharisees changed the purpose of Moses' instructions concerning divorce?
  3. Why does Jesus say “except for sexual immorality” when He rules out all reasons for divorce?
  4. What are our marriages meant to say about Jesus? How would lust and adultery negatively affect that picture?
  5. What does Jesus’ covenant faithfulness to His church mean for us when we do sin?