Hebrews 13:20-25

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Eternal Shepherd is ours forever by His Blood
  2. God provides for and works in us that which is pleasing to Him
  3. Cling to Gospel protection and Gospel affection from your adopted family so that you will endure in Christ's inheritance

Family Discussion Questions:

Younger and Older:

  1. Why could Jesus not be our Good Shepherd if He had not bled for us?
  2. Why would our relationship with God not be eternal if Jesus had not risen from the dead?
  3. Why should we not be surprised when it is hard to pay attention to teaching about Jesus?
  4. What are the two ways we can see in this passage that God uses the church to help a Christian stay a Christian?

Deeper Discussion:

  1. It has been said that Penal Substitutionary Atonement is the heart of the Gospel.  Does this text support such a dramatic statement?
  2. What evidence should be available within a person and church which claims the promises of the work of Christ?  Why?
  3. The letter ends with the benediction of grace to the church.  This is a theme which is very strong in the letter.  Why is it that letting go of the Gospel or clinging to another is always some form of turning away from trusting in the pure grace of God?
  4. We are here told to embrace both the affection and protection of the family of God.  Which of those has proven to be more difficult for you to embrace?  Describe a time when God used those things in a particularly powerful way to hold fast to you.