Hebrews 13:7-9

Sermon Outline

  1. The unchanging nature of Jesus and the gospel is the only foundation for church leadership

  2. Listen to and imitate leaders whose teaching is rooted in the unchanging truth

  3. Run from and reject any teacher who changes this message or introduces new elements 

Family Discussion Questions:

Younger and Older:

  1. If Jesus never changes, what should this tell us about His church? 

  2. What should you do if someone teaches you something that you’ve never heard before? 

  3. What are we supposed to expect from the leaders in our church? 

  4. What should our response to our leaders be when we see that they are teaching us God’s Word?

Deeper Discussion:

  1. What does “diverse and strange” teaching mean? What would be some historical or contemporary examples of this? 

  2. Why was it good news for the Hebrew Christians to hear that Jesus never changes? Why is it still good news for us?

  3. What drives the human heart to be strengthened by things other than grace, particularly by rules and regulations?

  4. In what ways should we feel freed by the fact that we should not entertain diverse or strange teaching? 

  5. What are some of the challenges we can expect churches to face when they cling to the unchanging gospel? How can we support and strengthen our church in the face of these possibilities?