Jordan Vetro
October 13, 2019
Jordan Vetro
Associate Pastor Family Ministries


Hebrews 12:18-29

Sermon Outline

1. Consider the greatness of the presence of God in which you now stand.

2. God speaks to us a better word promising a greater judgement and a greater salvation.

3. Come into God’s Presence Offering Acceptable Worship

Family Discussion Questions

Younger and Older:

  1. Why was there a veil in the temple? Did the people want it to be there?

  2. What does Jesus blood “speak” to us?

  3. What is God going to do to all the world?

  4. Why do we need to be reminded that God is a “consuming fire?”

Deeper Discussion:

  1. What are the key comparisons and differences the author wants us to notice between the experience of God’s presence at Mount Sinai and the experience of God at Mount Zion?

  2. What does it say about what we now come to that it “cannot be touched?”

  3. In what way does this passage serve to strengthen the author’s exhortation in 12:1-2?

  4. In what ways are we meant to offer God acceptable worship? What might we consider to be unacceptable worship?

  5. What are we meant to remind each-other as we gather as a church?