Hebrews 11:32-40

Sermon Outline:

  1. Faith alone obtains Gods promised victory 

  2. Often the eternal victory of faith is obtained at the cost of this world

  3. Faith in Christ unites those who rejoice in what Christ has done with those who had hope in what He would do

Family Discussion Questions:

       Older and Younger

    1. Why were God’s people willing to face trials and persecution?

    2. Why would we not say God let us down if we suffer in this life for His sake? 

    3. What is the point of Hebrews 11? Does the author just want us to have a list of heroes?

    4. What is the victory that we have in Jesus?

    Deeper Discussion

    1. How do some of the names listed here tell us that the point of this passage is not that we should just have more faith?

    2. What do we confuse or miss when we use passages like this one to argue that anything we want can be achieved by God if we just have faith?

    3.  What does it mean that the Old Testament saints could not be “made perfect” apart from us?

    4. What is the “something better” that we have that the Old Testament saints didn't?

    5. How is the faith of the Old Testament heroes in the promises of Christ meant to exhort us who now have the testimony of what He has accomplished?