Hebrews 6:13-20

Sermon Outline

Why can we earnestly endure with full assurance of hope?

1. Because God has kept every promise he has made

2. Because God stakes his promise on what is greatest - His own name.

3. Because through Jesus we can keep our hope in the presence of God. 

Family Discussion Questions

Younger and Older

  • What is the Christian hope?

  • What are the storms that we face in our life?

  • What are wrong things we try and keep our hope in?

  • When we trust in Jesus, where does he invite us to place our hope?

Deeper Discussion

  • In what ways does this passage tell us to be like Abraham? How are we meant to relate to him?

  • What are the “two things” God gives us to trust in that encourage us to hold onto our hope?

  • Why is Jesus alone able to open the way for our hope to rest in the throne room of God?

  • What danger do we fall into when we are not confident in the hope we have in Jesus?

  • Where have you been (or might you currently be) tempted to place your anchor other than in the hands of Christ?