Hebrews 5:11-6:3

Sermon Outline:

  1. There are some in the church who willfully and dangerously close their ears to spiritual maturity.

  2. Spiritual immaturity is rooted in an unwillingness to settle on the basic principles of the gospel. 

  3. Grow into spiritual maturity, by God’s will with the help of His church.

Family Discussion Questions:

Older and Younger:

  • Why did the writer of Hebrews need to interrupt himself?

  • What do milk and meat represent in this passage?

  • What does God want us to do if we are not interested in growing in our knowledge of His word?

  • What gifts does God give us to help us grow up into maturity?

Deeper Discussion:

  • Why did the author of Hebrews believe the teaching about Jesus being a high priest would be hard to explain?

  • How can our pride at being upstanding Christians sometimes interfere with our willingness to understand and follow God’s Word?

  • What is the danger that exists for Christians who choose to remain spiritually immature?

  • What is the root reason why someone would reject growing in biblical wisdom and maturity?

  • Why does it make no sense to say that a deeper theological understanding of God’s word will make us forget the gospel or focus on it less?

  • What exhortation can we take from this passage for those who have laid a firm gospel foundation and already strive to be spiritually mature?