Matthew 28, 1 Peter 3:18-22

Sermon Outline:

  1. A clean conscience is required to endure God's judgement
  2. The resurrection of Christ demonstrated that He had a clean conscience
  3. Baptism is God's pledge that believers will endure God's judgement

Family Discussion Questions:

Older and Younger:

  • What judgement did God bring upon the world in the days of Noah?
  • Jesus faced God's judgement for sin on the cross.  What did His resurrection prove about His conscience?
  • Baptism includes going under the water and coming up out of the water.  Which part is meant to show that Christ's death counts for you?  Which part means that Christ's resurrection counts for you?

Deeper Discussion:

  • What does verse 18 tell us about how Christ was able to give us a conscience about being able to pass through God's judgment?
  • If Christ was raised from the dead after facing judgement and then ascended to God's right hand in heaven, what is God promising to believers with baptism?
  • Why would God command the church to give baptism to all who trust in Jesus?
  • A person can't baptize themselves, they receive it.  What is a person declaring by receiving baptism?