Philippians 4:21-23

Sermon Outline:

  1. The sweet task of reminding God's people of who God is and who they are
  2. The sweet gift of brothers and sisters who remind you of who God is and who you are
  3. Would the gifts purchased with Christ's blood reach every fibre of your being

 Family Discussion Questions:

  • What has God put you into a church family to do for them?
  • What has God put you into a church family to receive from them?
  • When you trust in Jesus, who are you united to?
  • Which group of new brothers and sisters would the Philippians be surprised to have received greetings from?
  • Why is greeting people a very important part of the Sunday worship service?

Deeper Discussion:

  • Which piece of this letter challenged you the most in your calling to walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ?
  • Which piece of this letter gave you the deepest encouragement in the Gospel?
  • What connects the concepts of fellowship and joy and Gospel in this letter?
  • A good definition of "grace" is to receive what you don't deserve.  Why parts of the Gospel are missing if we only think of this as forgiveness of sins?
  • What are the two truths which are communicated with the word "saint"?