Philippians 4:10-20

Sermon Outline:

  1. Contentment unthreatened by lack or abundance
  2. Why Gospel generosity is so valuable
  3. A love of God's glory moves us to worship Him for His provision

Family Discussion Questions:

Younger and Older

  • What did the Philippian Church do for Paul that made him rejoice?
  • Was Paul not able to rejoice before they did that for him?
  • Was Paul saying that God will help him to do anything Paul wanted to do or that God would help Paul glorify God no matter what happened?
  • Why are loving and generous actions worth doing if Jesus already purchased heaven for you?
  • How can we know that God will take care of us?

Deeper Discussion

  • Without regeneration will the ability to glorify God in every situation be enough for a person to be content and rejoice?
  • What in the text (and the rest of the letter) helps us to understand what is meant by God supplying all of your needs?
  • Without the promise of eternal life, will this promise be fulfilled?
  • Have you found it harder to delight in the glory of God in times of abundance or in times of need (think of this in terms of health, relationships, finances, and other areas of life)?
  • How does Romans 8 help us to understand how God may not supply some things to us while at the same time supplying everything we need?