Philippians 3:1-11

Sermon Outline

  1. The safety of rejoicing in the Lord
  2. The danger of rejoicing in the flesh
  3. The result of rejoicing in the Lord

Family Discussion Questions

Younger and Older:

  • What does verse 9 say that makes a person right with God?
  • Where will a person go when they die if they trust in their own goodness? 
  • What will happen to a person when they die if they trust in Jesus' death and resurrection?
  • How does rejoicing in Jesus keep you safe from trusting in yourself?

Deeper Discussion:

  • Why would it have been remarkable to hear that the circumcision party were "dogs?"
  • According to Paul, before Christ came, did physical circumcision count if a person did not have faith in God's forgiving mercy?
  • Physical cirmcumcision was to be an outward sign of true circumcision.  What is true circumcision and who can do it?
  • It is alarming that the circumcision party was considered part of the Christian church, though Paul did not agree.  In what ways is the modern church being led to put confidence in the flesh?  
  • What made it difficult for Paul to cling only to faith in Christ and so "attain" the resurrection from the dead?  (Verses 9-11)
  • How might a church, a family, and a Christian be protected from false teaching that sounds "Christian" by a continual focus on rejoicing on Christ's finished work of the cross?