Micah 5:2-5a

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Messiah comes to feed His people, not be fed by them

  2. The Messiah stands before time

  3. The Messiah casts our sin into the depths of the sea

Family Discussion Questions:

Younger and Older:

  • Was it something to boast about to be born in Bethlehem?
  • What does this prophecy tell us about Jesus that makes it even more strange that He would be born in such a humble place and in such a humble way?
  • In what gruesome way were the former leaders of God's people described?  Why?
  • How are those bad leaders the opposite of the Gospel of Jesus?
  • What does Bethlehem mean?

Deeper Discussion:

  • There are competing ideas about what humility means.  Does this passage teach that humility means having no confidence or certainty?  What then does it mean?
  • What does it mean to eat Jesus' body and drink His blood?  How do you do this?
  • Why did that teaching scare so many people away when Jesus taught it?  Does it continue to scare people away today?
  • How did God manage to "tread our sin underfoot" without crushing us?
  • Those who "feast" on Jesus by faith will become like Him.  How would this transform how we viewed our relationships with the people in our lives?