Psalm 2

Sermon Outline:

  1. The madness of rebellion against God’s Anointed Son
  2. Rebellion doesn't worry God, but it should worry the rebellious
  3. God promises to give the nations to His Anointed Son
  4. Blessed are all who take refuge in the Anointed Son

Family Discussion Questions:

Older and Younger:

  • This psalm describes the child born to Mary.  What was His relationship to God?
  • Can anyone stop God’s plan to make Jesus The King?
  • What are the two main responses to God’s announcement that Jesus is the King?  And what then happens to those two groups of people?
  • What would the Son do for sinners when He came so that they could actually take refuge in Him?

Deeper Discussion:

  • Why is it incomplete to think only of sin and doing bad things rather than as this Psalm describes?
  • How does God’s reaction in verses 4-6 warn you?  Comfort you?
  • What does Romans 3:21-26 tell us about what it means to take refuge in the Son?
  • Use the Psalm to answer the following question: can you take refuge in the Son without repenting of rebellion against Him?
  • Here, sin is described as resisting God’s plan to give the nations to His Son for Him to rule. Which passages in Scripture are helpful for understanding why that is God’s right?
  • What do this Psalm and other Scriptures tell us about Christ that would cause us to believe that it would be good to be under His rule?