Zechariah 13:7

Sermon Outline:

1. The long and difficult wait for the Messiah

2. The shepherd is the one who stands next to God

3. The shepherd is struck by God

4. The sheep are scattered

5. Jesus is our Good Shepherd

Family Discussion Questions:

Younger and Older:

·       How was the waiting of God’s people for the Messiah different than us waiting for Christmas now?

·       Why did God say it was good that Jesus died?

·       Why was the good news of Jesus’ birth announced to shepherds?

·       What good can God do for us when we go through difficult times?

·       At Christmas, what things do we most want to be remembering about Jesus and thanking God for?

Deeper Discussion:

·       Why is it good that Jesus was the one who “stands next” to God? What does this tell us about Jesus’ nature and ministry?

·       Why is it good to know that God Himself struck the shepherd, rather than it being against His will?

·       Why would many people not want the kind of shepherd that God promised in Zechariah? What sort of Messiah were they hoping for?

·       What signs might there be in our own lives that we are not content with the Messiah that Jesus is, and might be trying to make him into a different kind of Messiah?

·       Are there any difficult experiences you as a believer have faced that God has or can use to refine you as one of His people?