Philippians 1:11-14

Sermon Outline:

  1. Why the Gospel is opposed
  2. Gospel Suffering confronts unbelievers
  3. Gospel Suffering makes believers brave in Christ

Family Discussion Questions:

Older and younger:

  • Were the people who imprisoned Paul able to stop the work of the Gospel?
  • Why was Paul's imprisonment helpful for the guards?
  • What changed about the other Christians when they saw what happened to Paul?
  • As Paul was sitting in prison did he regret preaching the Gospel since that's what put him in prison?
  • How does it show how wonderful Jesus is when a person is willing to suffer for Him?

Deeper Discussion:

  • What would this passage say about the following fairly common statement? "It is better to conceal the Gospel so that more Christians would be able to flourish and thus better help the advancement of the Gospel."
  • Why would it be important, before suffering, to establish that what you gain from the Gospel is your greatest joy?
  • What is it about the Gospel that makes it the target of such hostile opposition?
  • This passage clarifies that it was the Gospel, the Word, that was preached, and which was opposed, and which advanced.  What other things might the church substitute for this in order to avoid suffering or offence?
  • What is the difference between your testimony and the Gospel?  While both are helpful, why is it important that they not be confused?