Exodus 34:10-28

Sermon Outline

  1. The promise to be wholly and only the Lord’s
  2. His because He redeemed us
  3. A precious promise
  4. The promise that sustains our lives

Family Discussion Questions

  • What has just happened that made it remarkable that the Lord would again repeat His covenant promises to His people?
  • What does it do to your heart to see the Lord’s covenant promises come after you have sinned against Him?
  • The Lord’s covenant promise to His people is like a marriage. How did the command about idol-worshippers in Canaan show that such a marriage is meant to belong wholly and only to each other?
  • Can you see how sin in your life is like being an unfaithful husband or wife?
  • The promise of God shaped Israel’s life. How is this true for us in the Jesus covenant with God?
  • In what ways were Israel instructed to remember that they were wholly the Lord’s because He had redeemed them?
  • What did The Lord redeem Israel from?
  • What did Christ redeem the church from?
  • What were a couple of the interesting ways that Israel was to show that this covenant was precious to them?  
  • What are the ways that believers in Jesus are to show that His promises are precious to us?
  • What unrepeatable thing happened to Moses when receiving the covenant again from God that showed that these promises sustain our lives?  
  • God repeated this with Jesus when the final and better covenant came. What difference would it make in your life to really know that the covenant of Jesus sustains our lives like food?