Exodus 33:1-34:9

Sermon Outline:

  1. A Disastrous Word: To Gain the World and Lose the Lord
  2. God has Provided Someone to Make our Plea
  3. The Ground for our Plea: The Promise of Undeserved Favour
  4. God's Character was Seen: The Gracious, Merciful, Loving, Judge of sin
  5. How Saving Faith Responds to those Words

Family Discussion Questions:

  • The Lord said that He would make sure Israel would inherit Canaan but what else did He add that made the Israelites say it was a "disastrous" word?
  • What stood in the way of God going along with Israel?  What should have happened to Israel if He came with them?
  • After the Golden Calf, Israel needed someone who could be with God who could talk to God for them.  How does Exodus 33:7-11 show how wonderful and unlikely that was?
  • Moses pleads for Israel based on the covenant promises God made.  What things does he say that describe how sweet God's love is for His covenant people?
  • What does 1 John 2:1-2 say why a Christian who has sinned can be absolutely sure that God will definitely forgive her?  
  • In Exodus 14:1-7 God makes it so that Moses can "see" His character, His glory.  How did the Lord describe Himself?
  • Colossians 1:19 tells us that Jesus was the full revealing of God and His character.  How can we see the same things but greater in Jesus that were revealed to Moses?
  • The Lord makes it clear that He will not punish anyone without cause.  But when it comes to showing mercy and grace, He reserves the right to give that even without cause.  Why is this a delightful Word?
  • In the middle of all the Lord's talk of mercy and grace and forgiveness for His covenant people, we have a phrase that must have driven His people crazy for centuries.  He says that He will by no means clear the guilty.  How is this problem solved when God makes Christ "one" with those who have faith in Him? 
  • In Exodus 34:8-9 we see the response to God's word of Disaster and His Word of Grace.  Find the following elements in His response: worship, confession, seeking forgiveness, the desire to belong to the Lord.
  • Which of those elements are hardest for you when you've fallen into sin?
  • When a person comes to Jesus for salvation, they are being added to the Lord, not the other way around.  What difference would this make in your life if you were constantly aware that you've been added to the Lord's story and He is not just something you can add to your life? Why is that better?