Exodus 32

Sermon Outline

1. The golden calf exposes the horrible reality of our sin            

2. The golden calf shows that our covenant relationship with God cannot depend on us.

3. God’s response to our sin is perfect, magnifying both His mercy and justice.

4. As a greater mediator than Moses, Jesus will bring a greater mercy and a greater justice to deal with all sin   

Family Discussion Questions

  • Why is it important for us to understand our sin in order to know the gospel? 
  • What does our sin hate? 
  • What are some of the excuses that we make to make our sin seem less painful to God? 
  • How does the golden calf answer our complaint that it is not good for God to punish sin? 
  • How does the golden calf answer our complaint that we would be good enough for God if only our circumstances were better? 
  • On what grounds does Moses call on God to offer mercy?
  • Why is it good that God’s mercy depends on His own character, rather than ours? 
  • Does God’s mercy mean that God will never again punish sin?  
  • Why is Jesus a better intercessor than Moses?
  • What will our response be to Jesus when we know our sin is forgiven?