Exodus 28 -29

Sermon Outline

  1. Heavenly Garments on the Heavenly Man representing Heaven
  2. Jesus' Mediatory Work seen in:
      •   Covering
      •   Carrying
      •   Connecting
  3. The Consecration of Christ and His Church 

Family Discussion Questions

  • What were some of the details of the priest's clothing and how did they represent heaven?
  • Why did the priest wear 12 precious stones over his heart?  What did they mean?
  • How is the Church covered by Jesus’ work on the cross?
  • How is the Church carried by Jesus?
  • How is the Church connected to heaven by Jesus?
  • What does consecration mean?
  • Why did the priests need to be consecrated?
  • Why was blood needed to consecrate the priest?
  • How is the consecration of the priest a preview of the consecration of Jesus and His Church?
  • This passage helps us to understand what Jesus does for His Church - how is a person added to Jesus’ Church?