Exodus 30 - 31

Sermon Outline:

  1. A House for Prayer (Exodus 30:1-10)
  2. A House for Thanksgiving (30:11-16)
  3. A House for Cleansing (30:17-21)
  4. A House for Anointing (30:22-33)
  5. A House for Work (31:1-11)
  6. A House for Rest (31:12-18)

Family Discussion Questions:

  • The following passages refer to incense. What do they compare incense to? Psalm 141:2, Revelation 5:8, 8:3.
  • What was the reason a nation would take a census?
  • The men God uses are equipped for, and called to, the task he has for them. What are the qualifications God requires of those who work in his church today? (See 1 Tim. 3, Titus 1.)
  • Why do you think God gave so many details for the tabernacle?
  • In what way is the church today’s tabernacle?