Exodus 25-27
God with Us: The Tabernacle and the Hope for Immanuel

Sermon Outline:

1. The tabernacle was a dwelling place for God, through which God could draw near to His people  

2. The people would freely provide for the tabernacle out of the gifts God had given to them  

3. The presence of God was veiled and required continual atonement for sin

4. Christ’s blood atones for all sin so that we can come to the unveiled garden presence of God

Family Discussion Questions:

Why was the tabernacle so richly coloured and decorated?

What did the ark of the covenant represent in the tabernacle?

Why was the cover of the ark called the mercy seat or the seat of the atonement?

What was the purpose of the lampstand?

What was the purpose of the table of the showbread?

Why did God tell the people of Israel to freely offer the material necessary for the tabernacle and its vessels?

What did the bronze altar say about what it meant for Israel to come near to God?

What was the importance of the veil in front of the ark and the most holy place?

What would the priests have remembered when they saw the cherubim embroidered into the veil?

How was the sacrifice of Jesus greater than the animal sacrifices offered on the bronze alter?

How is Jesus the tabernacle for us?

Through Jesus' death, where are we invited to enter?

What does the author of Hebrews encourage us to do because Jesus has opened the way into God’s presence?