Exodus 23:10-19

Sermon Outline

  1. The inheritance of the land is branded with rest
  2. A people resting in the Lord will be a blessing to the poor among them
  3. The time of the rescued people is branded by resting in the Lord
  4. Resting in the Lord is serious joy

Family Discussion Questions:

  • The Lord commands rest for His people; what does that say about how committed He is to our rest?
  • List the ways that rest were built into the life of the people God rescued
  • Why would it be a blessing to the poor if God's people obeyed God's call to rest?
  • How were to the people of God to know that a better Rest was coming, the Messiah?
  • How is the Church commanded to rest and delight in Jesus?
  • What two main things does Christ give us rest from?
  • How is rest built into the life of the Church family?
  • There was a seriousness to Israel's rest.  What parts of today's text let us know the seriousness of this celebration?
  • There is also to be a seriousness to the Church's rest.  In what ways is the church tempted to forget about the seriousness of worshipping and resting in Jesus?  In what ways is the church tempted to forget the joyfulness of serious worship?