Exodus 20:3-11

Sermon Outline

  1. The first four commandments show us how to delight in and enjoy God's covenant love.
  2. Enjoying God's covenant love is only possible if He is our only God.
  3. Delight in God's covenant love by refusing to trust in anything other than Him.
  4. Delight in God's covenant love by glorifying His name above all else.
  5. Delight in God's covenant by resting in his deliverance

Discussion Questions

  • If the ten commandments are not the way that we can gain God’s favour, what is their function?
  • How do God’s title and the introduction of the commandments help us understand why we should love to keep the commandments?
  • In what ways does the first commandment relate to what Jesus called the greatest commandment?
  • What can things in our own lives compete to be “gods” before God?
  • What are things in our own churches and family that we can trust in instead of God’s name that might make us guilty of breaking the second commandment?
  • What ways can Christians be guilty of taking God’s name in vain, even if we do not swear oaths or curse Him?
  • How can we exalt God’s name higher in our words and actions?
  • What was the purpose of resting on the Sabbath?
  • How are we as Christians called to keep the Sabbath holy?
  • What particular dangers are there in our own community that would keep us from honouring the Sabbath?
  • Is there one (or more) of these commandments where you feel you are struggling?
  • Are you enjoying the rest you have in the freedom of Christ? Do you love God’s commandments as His framework for enjoying your relationship with Him?