Exodus 19

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Lord's affection for His covenant people
  2. The commands and noble commission of a treasured people
  3. The Lord's unapproachable holiness
  4. Treasured, washed and brought near

Discussion Questions:

  • The words from the Lord in 19:5-6 seem to be shockingly different from 19:12-13.  Which of the statements from the Lord's mouth is more surprising to you?  Read Luke 18:9-14.  Which would the Pharisee have found more surprising? How about the Tax Collector?
  • Why is it important to realize that the affection of the Lord comes before the commands?
  • Why is it important to remember the covenant ceremony with their forefather Abraham where God swore to take the curse for covenant violations when reading Exodus 19:5?
  • Though Christ took the curse on the cross for our covenant breaking, does this mean that He no longer requires obedience?
  • Though God revealed Himself to Israel at Sinai as unapproachably holy, still He calls them near!  The people had to wash themselves before coming near.  Do you think that dirt and body odor was the problem, or was it pointing to a bigger problem?
  • How did Christ take care of this bigger problem so that sinners could be brought near to the Holy God?
  • How does Christ bring us more near than Israel was at Mt. Sinai?
  • What was the noble calling, the special job that God called and washed His people for?