Exodus 17:8-18:27

Sermon Outline:

  1. The source of Israel's strength is the Lord
  2. The source of Israel's wisdom is the Lord
  3. The Lord Himself guides, protects, and embraces His covenant people, but fights against her enemies
  4. A meal to delight in the strength, wisdom and embrace of the Lord

Sermon Discussion Questions:

  • Israel's first battle against an army was with Egypt at the Red Sea.  In both battles, the Lord made it very clear that He fought for her.  What was the difference between the two battles?
  • Israel would be tempted to trust her kings and leaders and soldiers to protect her from threats.  How would the battle against Amalek guard against that dangerous thinking?
  • Israel would be tempted to trust her leaders for wisdom.  How did God use Jethro to correct that dangerous thinking?
  • All the wisdom of the Lord's people, even though it would come through thousands of men, would come from one source.  What is that source?
  • The many leaders of God's many churches are to have one Word from God and to simply deliver, apply, and insist on that one timeless Word.  How is this foreshadowed by Jethro's advice?  Why is it important to remember that the pastors of churches are not Moses?
  • How can the church be tempted to treat their leaders the way that the world's religions treat their leaders?
  • How does 1 Corinthians 1:20-30 help us see why we can trust in Jesus the way that Israel should not have trusted in Moses?
  • Both Jethro and the Amalekites were not born into the household of God.  Explain the difference in how the Lord viewed them.
  • How is Amalek's defeat in battle a foreshadowing of the fate of those who remain in their unbelief?
  • How is Jethro's feast a foreshadowing of what Christ would accomplish on the cross for those estranged from God?
  • Notice that the sheer delight of the feast was in giving praise to God for how His strength and wisdom had redeemed His people.  The Lord was the subject of their conversation, the focus of their speech.  What does this tell us about how a church family will find their greatest joy? Can this be something that we simply hope happens or is it something that we must ensure happens?