Exodus 17:1-7

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Lord is accused of breaking His covenant
  2. The Lord Himself faces the Rod for the covenant violations of His people
  3. The stricken Lord is a fountain of grace for His covenant people
  4. Respond with faith and repentance to God's grace

Discussion Questions:

  • The word "test" is used in this passage and in 16:4.  Who is on trial in each of the passages?
  • Israel has the audacity to judge God, to insist that He prove Himself.  How does the fact that Israel reverses roles with the Lord violate the covenant?
  • What does the rod of the Lord represent in scripture? (Isaiah 11:1-5, Psalm 89:32)
  • Who did the people see Moses swing his rod toward?
  • The rod of the Lord followed the sin of the people.  What does this say about the justice of God?  What does this say about the steadfast love of God?
  • The previous passages reveal that God is the source of Israel's blessings.  What does this passage reveal about the kind of God who is the source of Israel's blessings?
  • 1 Corinthians 10 tells us that Christ was present with Israel in those moments and that He, not the rock, was their true source of life.  What blessings does scripture say flow to His people because He was stricken and pierced on the cross? (John 7:37-39, Zechariah 12:10-13:1, Revelation 22:1-5)
  • 1 Corinthians 10 and several Old Testament passages refer to this event to show how this generation of Israelites didn't trust the Lord and was thus excluded from the promised land. How does this serve as a warning to the people who are part of the church community yet have not responded with faith and repentance?
  • How does Christ taking the rod instead of you move you to trust Him? Love Him? Obey Him?