Exodus 15:1-21

Sermon Outline:

  1. God's saving work draws our songs of worship specifically to Him
  2. Our songs are grounded in the saving actions that God has done
  3. Our songs are driven by the hope in what God has promised to do
  4. The God who is our salvation and strength is also our song

Discussion Questions:

  • What does the end of the previous passage tell us about what happened to their hearts before they began to sing?
  • What parts of the song identify which God the people are lifting their hearts to in worship?
  • Why is it important where your worship is directed to and not simply that you worship?
  • Why is it wonderful that our song is based not just on thoughts about God but on things that He's actually done?
  • Which of God's finished saving actions moved Israel to song?
  • Which of God's promised saving actions moved Israel to song?
  • Which of God's finished saving actions moves us to song?
  • Which of God's promised saving actions moved us to song?
  • Why is it important that our song be glorying in the things that God has actually promised to do in His Word?
  • How do the finished saving actions of God transform our songs about His promised actions into confident hopeful songs rather than wishful or positive thinking?
  • In world religions, a "god" isn't his people's salvation he is their salvation instructor.  Not so with Christ who is our salvation.  How does this move us to say that He isn't simply the One we sing to, but that He is our song?