Exodus 12: 29 - 42

Sermon Outline

  1.  In a single action, God keeps his promise both to bring judgement on Egypt and liberation to Israel
  2. God carries out His judgement and deliverance so that no one can deny His existence, nature and power
  3. Some acknowledged God with reverence and joy for His deliverance, others acknowledged God out of terror at His judgement

 Discussion Questions

  • How much of the events of this passage had been made known to God’s people already? When?
  • Why is it important that so much of this day had been already previously promised by God?
  • How is the tenth plague different than the last plagues? What means does God use to accomplish this plague?
  • Why does the author note that everyone from Pharaoh to the prisoner to the cattle was struck by the plague?
  • In what two ways were God’s people delivered by the same events through which the Egyptians were judged?
  • What is the response of Pharaoh and the Egyptians to the tenth plague? How is this different from their previous outlook towards the God and His people?
  • What things do both Israel and Egypt recognize about God after this plague? What is different about how they recognize Him?
  • What is the difference between those people who saw this as a day of mourning and those who saw it as a day of joy? What sets apart the one group from the other?
  • What promises do we have from God now that we are meant to remember He will keep?
  • What do we know about the future day of God’s judgement on His enemies and deliverance for His people?
  • What will set apart those who see that day as a day of mourning and those who see it as a day of joy?
  • Are you confident in the promises that God has given to us about the future?
  • Is your confidence solely in the shed blood of Jesus on the cross?
  • How does that confidence change the way that you live now?