Exodus 11-12:28
Christ's Bride Waits for Him to Adorn and Atone for Her Christ's Bride Waits for Him to Adorn and Atone for Her

Sermon Outline:

  1. Judgement comes without prejudice
  2. God adorns and atones for His people
  3. Be ready for the salvation God provides
  4. Remain in the salvation God provides

Discussion Questions:

  • What was God signalling by jewellery and beautiful adornment simply being given to His people?
  • How does God beautify His Bride in preparation for Christ's return?
  • Why is it important to remember that this 'beauty' does not make the Church Christ's Bride, but that it is celebrating that she is?
  • What was different about how Israel was spared from this plague compared to how they were spared from some of the other plagues?
  • What would happen to an Israelite family that did not sacrifice a lamb and apply the blood to the doorposts and lintel?  
  • How did God make sure that all of His people, even the poor, would have a lamb as a substitute?
  • How does this signal that it was really God who would be providing salvation for Israel that they could not provide for themselves?
  • How were the people of Israel to show that they were eager and ready to be taken away from Egypt?
  • What things might make you long for this world and less eager for Christ to return?
  • God warns His people to remain in the house with the blood applied; how does Jesus lead us with that same warning today?
  • What gifts has Jesus given to His Bride to make sure that she is ready and remains until He returns?  What might you do to better make use of those gifts?