Exodus 6:14 - 7:13

Sermon Outline

1.        The Bible affirms that its events are real history.  

2.       The Bible shows us that God is in absolute control of this history, both the actions of his people and his enemies.  

3.       God works history for his victory for his glory and for his people.

Conclusion: God is Sovereign over good and evil, weakness and strength, and it all works together towards His plan to glorify His name by delivering His people.

Discussion Questions       

  • What is the importance of genealogies in Scripture?
  • What do we lose if we are not confident that the Bible is true history?
  • Why is it important to affirm that Moses and Aaron were real men that existed in Israel’s history?
  • What does this genealogy tell us about Moses and Aaron, and about God’s deliverance of the Israelites?
  • What does Pharaoh’s response to God’s sign versus the response of the people of Israel tell us about being God’s people?
  • Why did God allow Pharaoh’s magicians to raise up their own snakes?
  • Why does God harden Pharaoh’s heart and raise him up as an adversary?
  • Why does God want us to know He is in control both of His servants and His enemies?
  • Are there experiences or situations where you have been doubting God’s control, or worried that He is not working for your good?
  • How does God’s desire to see Jesus glorified help us understand the cross?
  • Do you gain confidence and comfort from knowing that God is in control of history?
  • Do you gain confidence and comfort from knowing that God wants to magnify His glory?