Exodus 4

Semon Outline:

  1. The Signs of God's Word
  2. The Messenger of God's Word
  3. The Message of God's Word: Sinners Received as Sons
  4. The Reception of God's Word

Discussion Questions:

  • Did God correct Moses when he asked God how Israel would know that Moses was legitimately a prophet?
  • Has God ever demanded His people to follow the words of a man who simply says "just trust me, God told me this?"
  • Why should we expect no new revelation from God after His revelation of Jesus?  Is it because God is holding His tongue or is it because God fully disclosed Himself and His salvation in Jesus?
  • How did God authenticate the Apostles as the spokesmen for the salvation and revelation about Jesus?
  • In what other ways did God ensure that Moses' words about God were not his own ideas?
  • Why did the same Word and the same signs harden Pharaoh's heart but soften Israel's hearts?
  • What did God demonstrate to Moses when He sought to kill him on the way to Egypt for not circumcising his son?  Compare this to how foolishness it would have been for Noah to venture out of the Ark during the flood.
  • Why would Moses be foolish to stand before God on his own account, without the covenant of grace covering him?
  • God speaks of Israel as His "firstborn son". Why should this automatically get us thinking about the covenant of the Gospel - when God speaks of sinners in the way that only Jesus deserves to be spoken about?
  • How do Baptism and Lord's Supper (Communion) function as signs of the Word of the Gospel?  What does God speak to us through them?