Exodus 2

Sermon Outline:

  1. God Knows His People and in His Sight They Are Precious
  2. Our Redemption Reveals our Sin
  3. Our Redemption is Costly

Discussion Questions:

  • God was generous in providing Moses, yet he was a flawed foreshadow of Jesus, the Ultimate Redeemer.  What do the attempts to destroy the redeemer God provides tell us about the Satan's hatred of God and His people?  What does the failure of these attempts tell us about God's power and His love?
  • What does the text tell us about why God sent a redeemer for Israel?
  • How does the mention of God's covenant in vs. 24 prevent us from thinking that God saves the lovely, beautiful, and deserving?
  • How does the way that Moses' parents and the Princess looked at him shed light on how God sees His people?
  • What was the initial reaction from the people of Israel to the compassion shown them by Moses?
  • How can remembering the foolish way that the Israelite offender responds to Moses' correction help us when we are having a hard time repenting of sin?
  • What did Moses' compassion for his people cost him?
  • What did Christ's compassion for us cost him?
  • God's people cannot pay for their salvation which is a free gift from Christ, but we are told to count the cost.  What is it that we are told to give up and why is this so difficult?
  • What has proven to be the hardest for you to give up?
  • God was at work providing salvation long before His people could see it.  How would your life change if the words "God remembered His covenant, God saw, and God knew" were to sink deep into your heart and remain at the front of your mind?