Luke 2:1 - 21

Sermon Points: 

  • Jesus birth means good news for the poor and oppressed.
  • Jesus birth means glory to God and peace for us.
  • The shepherds witnessed, believed and proclaimed that good news  


Sermon discussion Questions:

1. Why is it important for Luke’s goal in writing the gospel to tell us that these are the days of Herod, Augustus or Qurinius?

2. How did God use Caesar’s census to accomplish something greater?

3. What is the significance of Jesus being born in a stable? What does it tell us about why Jesus came?

4. Why did the angels proclaim their message to the shepherds?

5. How does Jesus birth mean glory for God?

6. How does Jesus birth mean peace for us?

7. How did the shepherds respond to what they witnessed?

8. How did Mary respond to what happened?

9. How should we respond to the news of Jesus birth?