1 Corinthians 6:12-7:7

Sermon Outline:

  1. Our bodies, along with their desires, were created to show God's glory and not to be slave-masters
  2. A Christian is united to Christ and has been raised to newness of life by His resurrection
  3. Sexuality fidelity glorifies the Gospel of grace.  Sexual immorality glorifies loveless pay-for-service false religion
  4. Flee from sexual intimacy with all those to whom you are not married; run to it with the one to whom you are married

Discussion Questions:

  • How does disregarding God's commands regarding our passions show that we've considered these passions as a more worthwhile lord than our Creator?
  • Why does union with Christ make the cross Good News?
  • How is false religion like prostitution and sex outside of marriage?  How then is the Gospel like the covenant of marriage?
  • Since God's laws show His character, why would His commands regarding sexuality make us glad? 
  • What are some activities and attitudes that treat sexuality in a way that is contrary to God's glory? 
  • How would remembering that we've been raised to newness of life by Jesus' resurrection prompt us to flee sexual sin?
  • How might a marriage itself possibly take the shape of false religion even without involving other partners?
  • What would God's Word say to those unwilling to turn away from sexual sin?
  • How is the Gospel a balm to those who have participated in sexual sin and who are repentant?
  • How is the Gospel a balm to those who have been victimized by sexual sin?