1 Timothy 2-3

Sermon Outline

  1. God’s Family Gathers for the Gospel that Saved them
  2. God’s Sons and Daughters Worship with attitudes shaped by the Gospel that Saved them
  3. God calls His Sons and Daughters to offer their lives for the Gospel in equally dignified and complementary ways
  4. The complementary roles of God’s children show the fullness of God’s character and the intensity of His love for those we’re called to serve

Discussion Questions

  • What purpose is it that the people of God are gathered into church families?
  • Why would God's design for the church be so closely tied to His design for the family?  What does this tell us about what Jesus won on the cross?
  • Does God say that there is there something uniquely special about being a woman?  A man?
  • Does God root His instructions about the distinct roles of His daughters and sons in scripture or in culture or convenience?
  • Which gift does Paul mention that only men can give - but that not all men will give?
  • Which gift does Paul mention that only women can give - but that not all women will give?
  • Why does God love sacrificial leadership?  Why does God love it when people see sacrificial leadership as a gift rather than an insult?
  • Why does God love it when a high priority is placed on nurturing? 
  • How does the uniqueness of the genders keep a church family from believing that it could be complete without either women or men?
  • How does 1 Timothy 2:8-10 confront the world's expectations of masculinity and femininity and replace them with God's perspective of what is handsome or beautiful?  What are some ways that culture or the church have demanded their own expectations of what it means to a man or to be a woman?
  • How does God's design set the church up to more fully illustrate the preciousness of the Gospel?