Ephesians 5:22-33; Matthew 19:3-9; 1 Corinthians 7:10-16

Sermon Outline

  1. Marriage displays that salvation is union with Christ
  2. Marriage displays that Christ's covenant with believers is permanent
  3. Marriage displays not only Christ's commit to stay with believers but also His commitment to love us and pursue our good

Discussion Questions

  • We are called to love as Christ loved us in every relationship; so what aspects of God's love for us is marriage uniquely meant to display?
  • What benefit is it for the Church, that we are united to Christ as part of His body? (Think: judgment and glory)
  • Other than by death, could there ever be a marriage ended without the sin of breaking a covenant?
  • How might a believer remain faithful to their wedding vows and yet end up divorced?
  • How did the legal possibility that God introduced for the nation of Israel, demonstrate compassion for women rejected by their wicked husbands and not indicate His approval of divorce?
  • When might it be a God-honouring thing to temporarily separate from one's spouse?
  • How does Christ's permanent love for the church help a person enjoy but not idolize their spouse's love for them?
  • How does Christ's permanent love for the church exhort a person to sacrificial love of their spouse?
  • How is Christ's permanent love for the church a balm for a person whose spouse is not loving them well?
  • How can we glorify Christ's covenant love in our approach to the marriages that are not our own?
  • God views Christ's relationship to the church as a marriage, why should this cause us to rejoice that God requires a permanent loving commitment in a marriage even when it is difficult and unrewarding?