Ephesians 2:1-22

Sermon Outline

  1. Christ purchased Reconciliation to God for us with His blood
  2. The family was created and designed by God to be a living parable of salvation
  3. His design magnifies the diversity and love and self-denying commitment which is embedded in the Good News of how He saves and loves the Church
  4. The Church and the family in every culture have the need to be continually shaped by all of the perfect Word of God

Discussion Questions

    • Why is the Church called the Household of God?  What does that tell us about how Jesus saved us and who He is?
    • If we become part of the household of God when we are rescued by Jesus, what were each of us before?
    • Why is it important to know what God means by "family" when He tells us that we are now His family?
    • Are all families to be exactly the same?
    • Why is it important to realize that sin affects all of us in every culture in how we desire family to be?
    • Can you think of why it would be dangerous to ignore or reject any part of God's instruction in His Word regarding church and family?  Can you think of a time in history when this led to a terrible understanding of who God is and how He saved sinners?  
    • Can you think of a sinful misunderstanding of family that makes you rejoice that God's relationship with us is not like that?  How should this make us humble as we look at our own culture's sinful misunderstanding of family?
    • Why shouldn't we be surprised when what God intends to communicate about Himself in His design occasionally is contrary to our hearts' desire?
    • Why is it helpful to remember what these commands say about the Gospel when we're experiencing the pain of denying ourselves as we seek to obey God's commands?
    • Is there anything that you're tempted to value more than the gift of being seated at Christ's seat in the household of God?