Luke 10:25-37, Romans 5:6-11


  1. Jesus Was Our Good Neighbour
  2. Pursue Relationships That Honour God, but Avoid Relationships That Dishonour God - Proverbs 16:29
  3. Value Your Neighbour's Help, but Don't Take Advantage of Them - Proverbs 27:10; Proverbs 25:17
  4. Speak Well, but True, of Your Neighbour - Proverbs 25:9; Proverbs 29:5
  5. God Desires Through Neighbours to Bring Many Sons and Daughters to Himself - Acts 17:24

Discussion Questions:

  1. How did Jesus become our neighbour?
  2. When Jesus died for us, we weren't simply neighbours - we were enemies of God.  Is that hard for you to think about?  What emotion does it stir up within you?
  3. Is it un-Christ-like to avoid your neighbour if he dishonours the Lord when you are together?
  4. Why would you be tempted to ignore the help of your neighbour and go to someone else?
  5. What are ways that a person could take advantage of their neighbour's kindness?
  6. In what ways might you be tempted to talk in ways that aren't true about your neighbour - both positively and negatively?
  7. Can you think of some people who are your 'neighbours' - whose lives are connected to you but you aren't close?  Would you begin to pray that God would make them a brother or sister in Christ?
  8. Who was it that God connected your life to that led to you hearing of the Gospel and became a child of God?