James 5:13-20

Sermon Outline

  1. Pray, because God invites you to Himself in all circumstances
  2. Pray, because your brothers and sisters need your prayers and you need theirs
  3. Pray, because God answers prayers
  4. Pray, because you're called to restore your brothers and sisters to faith in the sin-covering blood of Jesus

Discussion Questions

  1. In which circumstance are you less likely to call out to God; in cheerful times or in suffering?
  2. What does it say about God's love of prayer and His people that, even though all believers are to pray, He sets apart people in each church to dedicate themselves to helping people with this?
  3. What does the prayer of faith mean?  What would the opposite of this be?
  4. We know from the rest of the letter of James that God may choose not to remove the cause of your suffering, but what comfort is scattered throughout this paragraph that is certain?
  5. What always goes with a genuine prayer for forgiveness of sins?
  6. Is prayer just to calm our hearts and help us to focus on the Lord or does it actually bring changes?
  7. Only those who endure in faith in Jesus until the end are covered by His sacrifice.  Earlier in letter, James said that receiving the Word of God was essential if we are going to endure in faith until the end.  This passage puts prayer on the same level.  Which three ways of praying does this passage say are essential to a faith that endures?