James 5:1-7a

Sermon Outline:

  • Christ has freed and forgiven us from slavery to all idolatry - including idolatry of wealth
  • If wealth is your god, you will sin in how you keep it, gain it, and use it
  • If Christ is your God, you will honour Him in how you keep wealth, gain wealth, and use wealth
  • When Christ returns He will judge those who oppress people in pursuit of wealth, so do not seek revenge

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why would Jesus, through the pen of James, have included a warning to people outside the church in His letter to the church?
  2. Is having money an evil thing?
  3. What are ways to keep money that shows you trust in Jesus?
  4. What are ways to keep money that show you don't trust in Jesus?
  5. What are ways to gain money that show you trust in Jesus?
  6. What are ways to gain money that show you don't trust in Jesus?
  7. What are ways to use money that show you trust in Jesus?
  8. What are ways to use money that show you don't trust in Jesus?
  9. Why shouldn't you be jealous of people who live with wealth as their god?
  10. Why is it better for your hope and joy to be in what was purchased with Jesus blood instead of what can be purchased with money?