James 4:11-12

Sermon Outline:

  1. Do not speak evil another who's also been adopted by God through the blood of Jesus
  2. Speaking evil against a Christian disregards God's Law
  3. May our speech mirror the One we're trusting to save us from the judgment we deserve

Sermon Discussion Questions:

  1. Is it ungodly to make any judgments about the actions of other believers?
  2. What might be examples of when the loving thing to do is to judge someone's actions?
  3. For James' original audience, what did the relationships look like in which the believers were speaking evil of one another?
  4. How does speaking evil against a believer add to the law of Christ?  What would be an example of judging by an addition to the law?
  5. How does speaking evil against a believer take away from the law of Christ?  
  6. What is the difference between sentencing a person and warning them?
  7. What tempts you to speak negatively about someone else?
  8. In what ways have you judged someone in an evil way?
  9. How ought the nature of Jesus' word about us who He's saved shape how we talk about others?