Matthew 2:12-23

Matthew writes for Hebrews to show them that Jesus is their Messiah and the King of the World. 

As they hear testimony of His early life,
they see Him reliving their story.

What a young child could not arrange, plays out in Christ's early years.  His life retraces Israel's painful steps and tribulations and God's good and faithful hand directing and protecting them.  

Where they failed, He would be faithful.  He would be obedient in their place.
While much of their suffering was God's Fatherly loving discipline for their sin, by Christ's suffering their Father would atone for their sin.
Christ's resurrection would secure their eternal life.

Although God had treated them as His beloved son, Christ was His beloved Son. Their hope was now not in how their story would turn out, it was now in how His story would turn out.  

This gift belongs not only to Israel but to all who would repent of sin and trust in Christ.

Abandon hope in how your life will turn out
and find yourself in Christ's story.